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Incorporating ideas like cryptocurrencies, blockchain decentralization, and token-based economics to mention a few, web3 is the new version of the World Wide Web which integrates the blockchain into the basic stack of technologies that is used in app development. Gavin Wood, one of the founders of Ethereum, is credited with coining the term in 2014, and it gained traction in 2021 largely to the efforts of the burgeoning cryptocurrency community, major technology corporations, and venture capitalists. Blockchain is at the heart of web3 while one of its primary components is the smart contract.


The Reasons for the Exorbitant Pay of Web3 Developers Smart contracts, cybersecurity, front-end, cloud, and architectures are only a few of the aspects of web3 apps which contribute to a high average income for web3 developers. Even more striking is the discrepancy between the high demand for web3 developers and the extremely low supply of those willing to work in the field at the moment. As a comparison, it is believed that there are between 32 and 64 million web 2 developers in the world, while there are just a few hundred thousand web3 developers. This, in addition to the growing interest in web3, decentralized finance, and decentralization, has led to a supply-and-demand imbalance that has driven up the cost of employing a skilled web3 programmer. How Much Front-End Web3 Developers Earn The average salary of front-end web3 developers is $74,000. With the exception of the fact that they'll also, or even exclusively, use RPC libraries including Web3.js and Ethers.js to design front-end of dApps, front-end web3 developers have similarities with front-end web2 developers. It's been reported that the median annual income for front-end web3 developers ranges from $78,000 in the UK and the rest of Europe to $180,000 within the United States.

Web3 Developer Salary Based on Country

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Let's have a look at how the average salary for front-end web3 developers differs from one country to another.

Salary for a Front-End Web3 Developer in San Francisco

Pay scale: $155,000 on average. One of the best-paying IT jobs in San Francisco is front-end web3 development. Wages in San Francisco may be higher than in other cities because of the high cost of living, however many of these positions are open to remote workers.

New York's Salary for a Front-end Web3 Developer

With an average annual compensation of $137,000, front-end web3 developers in New York are the second-best paid developers in the state, right behind gaming engineers. Some of these positions pay more in New York than in San Francisco, but remote employees can still fill them.

Salary of a Front-End Web3 Developer in India

Front-end web3 developers having 6 or more years of experience may expect to earn over $40,000. The typical income in the country for a front-end web3 developer that has less than two years of professional experience is $11,000.

Salary of a Front-End Web3 Developer in Europe

With a starting salary of $55,000 as well as a max income of $91,000 for the developers with up to 5 years of experience, front-end web3 developers in Europe earn an average annual base compensation of $73,300.

Pay for a Front-end Web3 Developer in Singapore

LinkedIn reports that the average annual salary for a front-end web3 developer in Singapore is between $120,000 and $250,000 SGD (USD$89,000 and USD$170,000). The number of years worked as a front-end web3 developer also plays a significant role in the typical compensation.

Pay for Front-End Web3 Developers Using an Engagement-Based Arrangement

Similar to when you hire a typical developer, the hiring approach typically has a large effect on the final cost. Take note: it is not a good idea to solely base a hiring decision on the cost as there should be a balance of various factors aside from the engagement type, such as the experience and specialty of professionals.


If your company plans on doing significant work with web3, investing in a full-time developer is a smart long-term move. Since the professional will now be a full-fledged member of the staff, the company will be responsible for providing the necessary facilities and equipment as well as covering the costs associated with vacation and sick leave.


If your organization doesn't have any in-house experts who are qualified to do the work, or if app (and particularly dApp) development isn't your major focus, then outsourcing is the way to go. As a result, it is recommended that you hire a group of seasoned developers at an outsourcing firm to execute the project on your behalf, freeing up your in-house staff to focus on more strategic and fundamental matters.


Independent contractors perform the same functions as an outsourced team, with the major drawback being that it can take an inordinate amount of time in order for you to locate a reliable one. Another factor that can delay production time when using freelancers is that they may be too busy with other projects to focus on yours. It's going to take time to assemble a team of specialists if that is what is required.


Under the hybrid approach, some team members will be physically present at the office while others will be working from home. If you need a couple of experts for short-term projects but are looking to cut expenses through outsourcing, this is the way to go. When these specialists' time with the project is through, they will have finished their temporary assignments.


The user interface (UI) of a website, app, and decentralized application is the area in which user interactions take place. The primary goal of a user interface is to provide a pleasurable and seamless user experience (UX) by being simple and straightforward to use. Making a polished UI isn't easy, but with the right front-end developers, you'll have it up and running in no time. It's not hard to find and hire talented front-end web3 developers if you know where to look, how to interview them, and how to structure a good compensation package.

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