Re7 Capital is hiring Web3 DeFi Research Analyst

DeFi Research Analyst


Minimum 1 Year

Employee type

Full Time



Offer Salary

$70K - $120K

Desired Qualifications

  • Common sense
  • 2+ years of experience in either of: Crypto, CS, Engineering, Math, TradFi, FinTech
  • 1+ year of active crypto-native experience (multi-chain is a plus) and extensive knowledge of the ecosystem and cryptoeconomics
  • Be equally comfortable doing fundamental research and working with datasets
  • Know your way around CT / Discord / Dune Analytics
  • Understand reading chain data and working with contracts on Etherscan
  • Foundational knowledge of data science / math / computer science
  • Pragmatic and sober probabilistic approach to decision making
  • Strong communication skills and ability to build and maintain a network of long-term relationships

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Interacting with existing and new DeFi platforms, scouting CT and Discord for new projects and investment opportunities
  • Researching the platforms, documenting product / investment findings and presenting capital allocation recommendations
  • Managing ongoing relationships with DeFi teams to keep up to date on the latest news before it becomes alpha
  • Working with our Data Engineering team to build out real time analytics and portfolio monitoring systems
  • Engaging crypto community on social media for due diligence and product / UX feedback
  • Producing thought leadership content (blog, CT)

Soft Skills

  • High-energy, high-integrity
  • Ownership mentality
  • Genuine intellectual curiosity, desire to learn and obsession with crypto
  • Sharp analytical mind with disciplined and organised approach and attention to detail
  • Ability to quickly synthesize complex, disparate sources of information and form a point of view
  • Forward thinking and able to anticipate cause and effect in a fast moving market

Our Company

About us: Re7 Capital is a London-based cryptoasset investment firm. Re7 utilizes our deep crypto network and proprietary data infrastructure to drive investment decisions for a number of fund strategies. Re7 team is a dynamic team with a strong background in investment management, data science and crypto.

We are looking to hire a Research Analyst - someone who will be working directly with our DeFi yield team researching DeFi platforms and investment opportunities they offer. This is an opportunity to work at web3’s innovation frontier and have a direct impact on portfolio decisions and design.

If you are insanely passionate about crypto; if you can’t imagine NOT playing with every new DeFi platform that pops up; if in the last cycle you spent more time in web3 than outside - then this opportunity is for you.


The Process: Email us ([email protected]) a 1-pager highlighting your favorite DeFi wallet to watch. Explain how you found out about the wallet, why it is your favorite, highlight some of their most interesting positions and what are the top risks to these positions.

In the same email tell us about your worst mistake / loss and also add anything relevant (CV, degenscore, CT threads etc).

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