Mozaic Finance is hiring Web3 Solidity Dev

Solidity Dev


Minimum 1 Year

Employee type

Full Time



Offer Salary

$150k - $230k

Desired Qualifications

2+ years of Solidity development experience You’re passionate about DeFi and understand projects such as Yearn, Sushi, Curve You care about writing secure, quality, maintainable Solidity You have a mathematical brain and a knack for solving difficult problems You are familiar with common Solidity libraries (e.g. OpenZeppelin, DappSys)

Duties & Responsibilities

We’re looking for a talented Solidity Dev with experience in the DeFi space. Mozaic's roadmap includes some highly ambitious plans which include, omnichain dutch auction, multichain zaps using layerzero, omnichain defi vaults farming on multichains simultaneously.

Salary & Benefits

Flexible working hours Possibility to work remotely Competitive on-chain USD salary Innovation-driven work environment

Our Company

Mozaic is an omnichain protocol that leverages machine learning to predict and search for the highest yielding and most capital efficient multi-chain yield farming opportunities, while completely automating the process for the end user.


Please send your Resume to [email protected] or preferably reach out to @VSONcrypto on Telegram

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