Institute of Free Technology is hiring Web3 L2 Business Development & Partnerships Lead (Status Network)

L2 Business Development & Partnerships Lead (Status Network)


Minimum 1 Year

Employee type

Full Time



Offer Salary

$100K - $150K

Desired Qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience in leading partnerships and customer engagement within the tech industry, with a proven ability to manage and grow B2B relationships
  • Natural communicator and coordinator, adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve organisational goals
  • Comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology, Ethereum and rollups, with hands-on experience with DeFi and NFTs
  • Direct experience working with L2 solutions, showcasing a technical understanding and practical knowledge of the layer 2 ecosystem
  • Strong alignment with our organisational principles as outlined in our manifesto, demonstrating a commitment to privacy, decentralisation, and innovation
  • Skilled in conducting financial analysis and strategic planning, ensuring partnerships enhance key performance metrics and align with long-term objectives

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Lead the efforts to identify and prioritise potential partners that align with our mission to provide an open playground for communities to build on and thrive, while also offering easy access to yield opportunities unlocked by a native yield market. (Social & DeFi dApps, protocol developers, crypto exchanges, third-party providers, investors, industry influencers)
  • Oversee end-to-end partnership process from initial outreach and engagement through to negotiation, contract drafting, and final execution, ensuring all partnerships are strategically aligned and beneficial
  • Conduct thorough financial analysis and due diligence on all potential deals to ensure they are not only sustainable but also contribute to increasing Total Value Locked (TVL) and Transactions Per Second (TPS), aligning with our long-term strategic objectives
  • Identify and launch new business initiatives that contribute to revenue growth and the improvement of core metrics, ensuring these initiatives align with the broader strategic goals of sustainability for the network
  • Oversee the negotiation and management of contracts with existing and potential partners to maximize benefits and ensure compliance with agreed terms, safeguarding the network’s interests and sustainability
  • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including Communications, Engineering, and Marketing, to ensure successful partnership integration and alignment with our goals, facilitating the smooth introduction and promotion of new partners and products
  • Keep internal stakeholders well-informed about the status of deals and partnerships, ensuring transparent and effective communication to facilitate informed decision-making and cohesive strategic alignment
  • Cultivate and nurture strong, enduring relationships with key stakeholders across the blockchain ecosystem, leveraging these relationships to support mutual growth and the advancement of shared objectives
  • Assist in hiring, mentoring, and scaling a top-tier business development and partnerships team capable of meeting the ambitious goals of the network; fostering a culture of innovation and excellence

Soft Skills

  • Degen
  • Previous leadership roles or similar responsibilities within the Ethereum L2 x DeFi ecosystem
  • Comfort with remote and asynchronous work environments
  • A passionate advocate for the Ethereum community and the broader ethos of open-source contribution
  • Enthusiasm for decentralisation and a personal drive to promote censorship resistance within the crypto space
  • Familiar with the Korean Crypto ecosystem
  • [Don’t worry if you don’t meet all of these criteria, we’d still love to hear from you anyway if you think you’d be a great fit for this role. Just explain to us why in your cover letter]

Salary & Benefits

Compensation: The expected compensation range for this role is $100,000 - $150,000 (negotiable, dependent on how we assess your skills and experience throughout our interview process). We are happy to pay in any mix of fiat/crypto.

Our Company

About Status Network: Status Network is a forward-looking zkEVM L2 rollup on Ethereum tailored for social applications and seamless access to DeFi yield opportunities for everyone. Status Network is dedicated to providing the best platform for communities to build on and thrive, while also incentivizing liquidity thanks to a native yield market. With a strong commitment to decentralisation, it focuses on minimising censorship risks and preserving the right to privacy.

Status Network is tightly integrated within the broader IFT ecosystem. The IFT is building the tools and infrastructure for the advancement of a secure, private, collaborative and open internet, which include the Status app. Status started as an open source, Ethereum-based smart wallet that gives users the power to chat, transact, and access a revolutionary world of social apps on the decentralised web. Some other projects in the IFT ecosystem include: Nimbus Ethereum clients, Keycard hardware wallet, Waku messaging protocol and Codex, a decentralised storage solution.

Status Network is set to become a settlement layer for these different protocols and social applications, offering the most seamless and open social infrastructure to build truly onchain organizations.

The role: As the L2 Business Development and Partnerships Lead at Status Network, your primary role will be to onboard different partners in the rollup ecosystem (bridges, stablecoin providers, fiat-to-crypto onramp solutions, etc.), then drive the deployment of innovative social applications and DeFi protocols focused on optimizing yield opportunities within the Status Network. This position is crucial for enhancing core metrics such as the network’s growth and performance.

You will be responsible for identifying and engaging potential business partners, focusing on those that align with our strategic goals of enhancing social interactions and financial transactions on our platform. This includes exploring new verticals, particularly in social apps and gaming, alongside innovative DeFi protocols that offer unique yield-generating opportunities. Your role will involve initiating, managing, and expanding B2B partnerships, preparing go-to-market strategies and pitch materials to effectively engage and secure new business.

This position offers a unique opportunity to lead the business development efforts for the launch and subsequent growth of a groundbreaking L2 zk rollup. You will be at the forefront of developing a platform that not only supports decentralised applications but also integrates social and financial functionalities deeply within its architecture, paving the way for a new era of onchain social interaction and economic exchange.

If you are driven by innovation in blockchain technology, eager to lead a cutting-edge project, and passionate about decentralisation and privacy, this role will provide you with the perfect platform to make a significant impact.


Hiring process: Interview with Pepper, from our Talent Team Interview with Cyprien, Status Network Product Manager Compensated Task Pitch Interview with Cyprien and Kaushal, IFT BD Lead Interview with Carl, Co-Founder The steps may change along the way if we see it makes sense to adapt the interview stages, so please consider the above as a guideline.

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