Nethermind is hiring Web3 Protocol Research Manager

Protocol Research Manager


Minimum 1 Year

Employee type

Full Time



Offer Salary

Desired Qualifications

  • Advanced degree in Computer Science, Economics, or related field, with a focus on distributed systems, algorithmic game theory, or similar.
  • Proven leadership experience in managing research teams within the tech or academic sectors, with a strong track record of impactful research publications.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Ethereum, L2 technologies, and a broad familiarity with consensus protocols.
  • Exceptional communication skills, capable of motivating a team, articulating complex concepts clearly, and fostering an innovative research culture.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Guide and manage a team of dedicated researchers in the development of innovative blockchain protocols, focusing on areas such as L2 designs, prover coordination, sequencer design, and various flavours of staking.
  • Lead the research efforts on consensus algorithms, transaction fee mechanisms, and auctioning block-building rights, contributing both administrative leadership and hands-on research.
  • Foster a collaborative environment that encourages the sharing of ideas and debate on research findings.
  • Ensure the team’s research is communicated effectively through academic papers, blog posts, and forum entries.

Soft Skills

  • Experience in teaching or mentoring roles within the field of blockchain technology or related areas.
  • Proven record in managing academic groups as a professor or post-doctoral researcher, demonstrating leadership and mentorship in a research setting.

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