prePO is hiring Web3 Senior Web3 Front-End Engineer

Senior Web3 Front-End Engineer


Minimum 1 Year

Employee type

Full Time



Offer Salary

$100K - $250K

Desired Qualifications

The Role 💻 prePO is looking for a Senior Front-End Engineer to architect, develop, test, and deploy front-end code for novel DeFi applications.

Candidates should have excellent React proficiency, strong technical leadership, a consistent track record of solving critical engineering problems, and a strong interest in DeFi and crypto in general.

Our core tech stack is React, Next.js, TypeScript, Wagmi+Viem+ABIType for EVM logic, Jest for testing, ESLint+Prettier for code style/safety, and Vercel for CI/CD.

Candidates without Web3 development experience are welcome to apply and will be trained up.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Ideal Candidate 🏅 Our ideal candidate will:

write clean, re-usable, reliable and performant React code style and animate components based on Figma specifications synchronize smart contract and subgraph data with client-side state create functions that write to the blockchain by calling smart contract methods extend upon our standard patterns for implementing frontend Web3 functionality contribute to high-level decisions about prePO’s front-end architecture research new technologies to adopt to improve our product or codebase collaborate with product owners, designers, and other developers work at a rapid pace with a large amount of ownership and autonomy We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusiveness within our organization, and we strongly encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply.

Note that we cannot offer visa sponsorships at this time.

Salary & Benefits

Benefits & Perks 🎁 Fully-remote work with flexible working hours Work on the bleeding edge of DeFi and crypto Learn from other senior high-performing team members Team off-sites and sponsored conference/hackathon trips Budget for learning / professional development / subscriptions Join a force for good - prePO has made a pledge to dedicate at least 2% of time, product, and profit towards charity We look forward to your application!

Our Company

About prePO 🔮 prePO is a decentralized protocol for gaining exposure to any pre-public asset, such as pre-IPO stocks, pre-launch tokens, and pre-airdrop points.

Our mission is to democratize pre-public investing - transforming a world of financial exclusion into a world of permissionless access. 🌎

The Dream Team 💫 At prePO, we are building a fully-remote, globally-distributed dream team. Like a professional sports team, we want every player on the field to be a superstar in their position and play extremely effectively with others.

We are also backed by world-class investors (>$4M in funding to date), including founders from Gnosis, 1inch, Illuvium, and more!

Our Values 💝 At prePO, the following team values describe the people we want to work with (and the people you would want to work with too!):

Passion: being engaged and enthusiastic about the work, the mission, and making an effective impact on the world. Autonomy: being proactive, resourceful, and making decisions in prePO’s best interest. Overcommunication: sharing feedback and all relevant information - directly, frequently, clearly and empathetically. High Performance: producing high-quality outcomes with speed and consistency, and continuously raising the bar for yourself and others. Focus: being laser-focused on high-priority, high-impact tasks that work us towards achieving prePO’s mission. Incrementalism: delivering value via incremental iterations. Simplicity: seeking out the simplest solutions. Innovation: embracing creativity, and leading the industry with forward-thinking ideas. Decentralization: valuing solutions which are trustless, permissionless and automated.

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