Outlier Ventures is hiring Web3 Token Design Associate

Token Design Associate


Minimum 1 Year

Employee type

Full Time



Offer Salary

Desired Qualifications

  • Has an excellent understanding of layer 1/2 blockchain technology, smart contracts, DeFi, metaverse and the variety of existing token standards, models (e.g. xToken, veTokens etc.) and distribution mechanisms (e.g. dutch auction, lockdrops etc.).
  • Must have personally been actively using dApps and DeFi protocols and experienced with token minting, burning, yielding, farming, staking and locking.
  • Good understanding of the NFT world, various gamification mechanisms and financial principles.
  • Be able to comfortably handle fast paced, multi-stakeholder projects, keeping founders and their partners to schedule and hands-on support in executing with diligence and pragmatism.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assist portfolio companies through conceptual phases to break down their product, ecosystem and objectives.
  • Analyse stakeholder maps, economical value flows, potential behaviours, motivations and incentives and turn this into a systems design backed by underlying tokens.
  • Develop roadmaps, audit, and design economic and governance systems together with in-house specialists.
  • Support the in-house token engineers run simulations and case studies.
  • Conduct market research and analyse battle tested as well as new token mechanics of established ecosystems and apply these to the assisted portfolio companies.
  • Derive and develop new economical designs of tokens and take ownership of specific industry verticals such as DeFi, layer 1/2 infrastructure, gaming, music, social media, sports, fashion and others.
  • Engage in the firm’s public speaking, research, and education initiatives.

Salary & Benefits

  • Exposure to some of the most exciting businesses in the web 3.0 and blockchain space.
  • The ability to work with a broad variety of stakeholders around the world.
  • Full autonomy in your role and the opportunity to explore any areas of interest should it meet the vision of the business.
  • Private medical insurance.
  • Discretionary bonus scheme.
  • 25 days holiday per year (plus bank holidays)
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Opportunity to invest directly in projects
  • *availability subject to specific circumstances

Our Company

Outlier Ventures is the largest Web 3 accelerator in the world. Founded in 2014, it works with startups at various stages of their lifecycle from pre-seed / seed (via Base Camp) to later stage about to launch (or live) token networks specialising in a New Data Economy, NFTs, and DeFi bringing together a network of 1,000’s of the world’s leading web 3 founders, protocols, VCs to mentor, and invest.

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