Branch is hiring Web3 Unity Game Developer

Unity Game Developer


Minimum 1 Year

Employee type

Full Time



Offer Salary

$150,000 - $300,000

Desired Qualifications
The capacity to thrive in an ever-changing, quick-to-deliver environment Excellent written and verbal communication skills Experience testing, automating, and instrumenting your code Experience building high production value 3d multiplayer games Familiarity with a low level language such as C++, C, or Rust Worked in at least one or a number of game studios that have repeatedly shipped high production value games Knowledge on how to profile, analyze, and improve performance, from low-level limitations to high-level architectural decisions 2+ years of experience building games in a game engine such as Unity or Unreal 2+ years of experience with a modern language such as C#, C++, Java, or Javascript

Duties & Responsibilities
Rapidly iterating on game mechanics and features to build an evolving community driven game Creating sticky mechanics of the Branch game to increase virality and retention Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of the game Design and implement a generic game implementation that works cross platform for mobile, desktop, and web Work closely with all employees at Branch in a highly collaborative and open environment Build POC’s to understand new tools, techniques, and process; document and demonstrate steps to adopt Gather and implement technical requirements for all relevant work Act as a subject matter expert to guide formal design review processes for mission critical components of the game Participate in planning work and identify areas of improvement Become a resident expert of the Branch backend technical stack and guide new engineers in the agile game development process

Soft Skills
You thrive when working in fast paced high growth startups. You take great pride in your work. You consider games an art and you enjoy every piece of the creative process. Along with your skills, you bring leadership experience to mentor, coach and support the people around you.

Salary & Benefits
1. Work in our inspiring Seattle office. 2. Platinum tier health, dental, and vision insurance 100% paid for by us for you and your dependents. 3. Unlimited paid time off and sick leave policies. 4. 401(k) with employer matching.

Our Company
Branch is a massively multiplayer online social gaming platform that enables users to create, monetize, and enjoy a variety of games and experiences. Working at Branch means you'll be a part of a revolution in gaming and will be able to: 1. Provide the world with seamless, instant drop-in gameplay on web, on mobile, and on desktop platforms. 2. Bridge the divide between web2 and web3 games by enabling players to utilize the vast landscape of tools that web3 provides. 3. Create and support social mechanics in a game that puts community first. 4. Have a lot of fun doing it!

Bonus exp:

Experience mentoring junior software engineers to improve their skills, and make them more effective, product software engineers Experience building browser first games (working in JS/TS, React, WebGL, etc...) Experience in the DeFi landscape, particularly on Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible chains such as Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, etc. Deep graphics programming knowledge and experience writing shaders

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