P2P.org is hiring Web3 Web3 Blockchain Analytics Lead

Web3 Blockchain Analytics Lead


Minimum 1 Year

Employee type

Full Time



Offer Salary

Desired Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, or a related field.
  • Strong knowledge of data modeling techniques.
  • Strong managerial skills, leading teams of 5+ people.
  • Data research skills, including probability theory and mathematical statistics, and the ability to work with models like regressions and A/B tests.
  • Data storytelling skills and the ability to form and defend opinions with data beyond reasonable doubt.
  • Proficiency in advanced SQL, including different joins and window expressions (utilizing Google BigQuery).
  • Competence with the analytical Python stack.
  • Familiarity with ETL instruments such as Airflow and DBT.
  • Familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies.
  • Fluent in English.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Explore the blockchain ecosystem to identify potential opportunities and risks.
  • Optimize the economic efficiency of validation processes through research, modeling, and business process enhancement
  • Configure data platform tools for data loading, processing, and transformation.
  • Define data requirements for the data engineering team, determining granularity, frequency, and data quality.
  • Manage your team's data marts and establish data lineage from sources to reporting.
  • Create informative dashboards for the team, company, and community.
  • Participate in your team's company-level reporting, such as demo days & others

Our Company

About us P2P.org launched in 2018 with a mission to positively influence the development of PoS technologies. Since our launch we have grown to manage 1.9+ billion USD in staked assets across more than 40,000 investors and 50+ unique blockchain networks and now P2P.org is a global Top-3 Non-Custodial staking provider.

P2P.org has successfully raised $23M in a Series A Funding Round. This funding will support services for direct holders and also launch a new infrastructure platform for intermediaries, such as those offering custody, wallets, and exchanges.

What we do:

✅ We provide blockchain foundation teams with infrastructure and services for faster product development.

✅ We provide investors with a single entry point to all blockchains.

✅ We provide developers with access to blockchain data.

P2P.org consists of talented, inspiring individuals spread around the globe ❤️

Nevertheless, our team is distributed, we have one thing in common: our passion for the decentralized future. We believe in the power of decentralized finance, a system that is supposed to be fair to everyone. We all share this passion to code, learn, create, and connect to collectively contribute to the future of finance 💰

P2P.org is a powerful brand with a good reputation, and over the years we have developed a good network. We try to provide the best conditions for our customers. We're also big tech geeks, with a keen interest in developing cool new tech, which further increases the confidence in our brand 🤓

P2P.org is ready to share its expertise, we definitely do an excellent job as a validator, we have become established validators in a lot of blockchain networks, so we have a broad outlook, and have accumulated a large set of knowledge and tools.

We are looking for 🔍 We are looking for a skilled Blockchain Analytics Lead who loves doing analytics and manage team of analytics that leverage gathered data and provide insights to teams and reports to community.

As our Blockchain Analytics Lead, your mission is clear: elevate our data validation process with advanced research, modeling, and optimization. Spearhead the configuration of data tools, define precise data requirements, and ensure data integrity. Create informative dashboards and contribute to company-wide reporting and demos. Your challenge is to proactively navigate the complex blockchain landscape, unveiling high-impact opportunities and mitigating potential risks. If you're passionate about technical innovation and ready for a leadership role, this is your chance to shine. Join us, where technical expertise meets blockchain analytics.


What we offer ➡️ At P2P.org we have a team of experts with their own unique approach and ownership culture. Together we gain experience and make dreams come true! 🌟

Remote working from any part of the world to your liking as long as your business hours fit Cyprus time zone. Work from anywhere in the world: an international distributed team. Competitive salary level in $ Well-being program. Mental Health care program. Compensation for education, including English & professional growth courses. Equipment & co-working reimbursement program. Overseas conferences, community immersion. Positive and friendly communication culture. P2P.org is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or disability.

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